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Inauguration of interim storage

Published 2016-07-05 15:20

The dismantling of Barsebäck is getting closer. The first of July, Barsebäck Kraft AB (BKAB), inaugurated the interim storage where the reactor parts from B1 and B2 will be stored while waiting for the final repository (SFR) near Forsmark.

Around 20 guests, mainly from the Municipality of Kävlinge and media had been invited for the occasion. At the information before the ceremony, Åsa Carlson CEO of BKAB, explained why the interim storage is so important.

– If we can start to remove all the components that are radioactive, we can then start the conventional dismantling of the site and do it faster and more efficiently, Åsa explained.

- The Swedish system for taking care of the nuclear waste is built on a central final repository in the bedrock. Barsebäck does not have the grounds to be granted as a final storage so all the dismantling waste has to be stored at SFR.

- The application process for an extended SFR is ongoing. The process will take a few years and demands that the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, the Swedish environmental court, the Municipality of Östhammar and finally the government says yes to the extension, Åsa explains.

The segmentation work starts in September this year and will be finished during Q1 2019. To be able to handle the radioactivity, the internal metal parts from the reactors will be segmented under water in the reactor hall pools. They will then be put in steel tanks and will be transported to the interim storage.

Page updated Tuesday, July 05, 2016