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About us

Barsebäck nuclear power plant is situated in southern Sweden, 30 km north of Malmö.

Unit one ceased its operation in 1999 and unit two in 2005. Both units were shut down due to political decisions. Today the organisation is preparing for the dismantling of the power plant.

You will find more detailed information about the organisation, dismantling process and our environmental work in the menu. You can also find historical information about the power plant and general information about nuclear power and waste management.

Barsebäck Kraft AB is a company with a pioneering task – we are the first to dismantle a commercial nuclear power plant in Sweden. Managing the termination of the life cycle of nuclear power responsibly, including dismantling and restoration, demonstrates that nuclear power is not only safe during operation, but also when operation has ceased.

Barsebäck's two reactors supplied electricity to Skåne's electricity users for 30 years. Alltough both reactors have been taken out of operation and despite the fact that we do not produce any electricity today, Barsebäck is still very much a living company. The change from electricity production to what is known as service operation has meant that new business areas have been developed.

Page updated Friday, January 15, 2016